Relaxed Documentary Wedding - Tinakilly House, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

The average wedding morning begins with pampering for the Bride and probably a hearty breakfast for the Groom . . . this wasn’t an average wedding morning, or an average wedding for that matter.

Running is a shared passion for Sara and Ian (they got engaged half way through a marathon!), so what better way to start the day than a cheeky 5K leg stretch? The jury is out on whether the same passion was shared by all of their family and friends, (almost) all of whom joined them in pounding the roads and tracks around Tinakilly House in Wicklow on a crisp and clear winter morning, with only a couple of grimaces amongst the smiles in this show of pavement pounding solidarity.

Their wedding day was a relaxed and intimate affair with plenty of laughs, a couple of moist eyed moments, rounded off by some interesting dance moves and more running - this time through sparklers.

Above all it was such a pleasure to bear witness to a tightly knit group of friends and family coming together in celebration, through the lens of a camera, so that the day could be enjoyed, exactly as it happened . . . for ever more.

I will let the pictures do the talking from here (a thousand words and all that stuff), but suffice to say this day was a highlight for me, and I hope to be back at Tinakilly House in the very near future for more of the same!

Their day went a little like this;

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