Do you travel?

Absolutely! I travel all over the UK and Ireland to shoot weddings – and am more than happy to hop on a plane or boat and come abroad with you too. Travel costs throughout Northern Ireland and the majority of the Republic of Ireland are included within the price quoted on my website. If you are looking to go further afield don't let this put you off, I keep travel expenses to an absolute minimum . . . get in touch and we can have a chat with no obligation whatsoever.

I'm particularly interested in covering "destination" weddings further afield; I love to travel and have a couple of weddings in Portugal and Spain coming up! If you are travelling abroad please get in touch and we might be able to work something out so it doesn't cost any way near as much as you might think!

Do you shoot group shots?

Of course I do! I don't really feature too many traditional group shots on my website as I much prefer not to interrupt your day too much, but I know how important these can be to you both, as well as mums, dads and grandparents. If you would like group shots it's no problem just let me know and I will happily oblige. I find that it’s best to stick to around 6 different groupings (this normally takes around 30 minutes), it would also be really handy if I could borrow a Best Man, Usher or Bridesmaid at this point to gather up the guests that you would like in the shots.

You don’t have to have traditional group shots though, so don’t feel like it’s a must.

Do you have a second photographer or assistant with you?

I generally don’t use a second shooter. I'm not against working with another photographer at all – and I can offer the option of a second photographer if you particularly want morning preparations photographs of you both and the distance between venues means I cant cover both (although I can usually manage this alone).

As a rule though I shoot alone. As you’ll have seen as you've made your way around this website I specialise in documentary, storytelling photography and it’s a bit more difficult to get those natural, relaxed, un-posed shots of you and your guests when there's two photographers. I also have a particular style and method of doing things and like to ensure that the images that are delivered to you have are consistent in the way that they look.

Can we print our photographs?

By all means, please do. I will provide high resolution digital copies of all of the finished images from your day and love nothing more than seeing my photographs taking pride of place inside people's homes. I always say that the experience of looking through printed photographs is much nicer than scrolling through a Facebook album or swiping at an iPad - there's no contest!

Do you have backup equipment?

I’ve got back up equipment for my back up equipment, honestly! I shoot using at least two main cameras at all times, another spare in my bag and also usually also have another back up camera in the car. I’m not taking any chances with your wedding photographs and if the worst happens and a camera breaks on your wedding day I am able to roll with the punches and continue as if nothing's happened . We all know how temperamental technology can be … I’ve got backup cameras, lenses, flashes and more batteries and memory cards than a branch of Jessops. Trust me, I have it covered!

Okay, we’ve looked through your pictures, browsed through your blog and think that we might want you to shoot our wedding day. What happens now?

Brilliant, thank you very much! First things first though, get in touch with us to see if your date is available, and tell us a little bit about what you are planning. 

Once you’ve been in touch let’s meet up for a coffee and a chat if we can, as I would love to tell you more about what I do and ask you all about your big day. Then if you’re both happy to go ahead we’ll require a signed contract and a £250 booking fee to hold your date, as soon as we're all signed up the date is yours and the countdown begins!

Then you’re all booked in, it’s as easy as that.