I'm always on the look out for a different angle. Anyone can point a camera and press a button, but really thinking about the composition of an image, understanding the effects of light and getting the settings just right are the preserves of a true photographer.


I shot this image as Jo was getting ready in the morning. The make up artist had chosen a pool of gorgeous window light to work in, which suited me just fine as the soft light is absolutely perfect for photographs.

It would have been fairly straight forward for me to shoot a traditional angle here but I wanted to put my own unique stamp on the image. I saw that the picture on the wall offered an opportunity for a reflection, and popped my 27mm lens on to make sure I captured the whole scene, setting an aperture of f2.8 to allow as much natural light in as possible and spot metered for the subject (I know, I am a geek!).

The result was this split composition, much better than the easy option and a unique shot of the bride getting ready in the morning. This is what I do, wherever I can, photography is all about seeing images and being creative to get unique perspectives.