Why I love this wedding Image . . . 

I really do enjoy shooting moments as they happen on your wedding day; getting ready in the morning is up there amongst my favourite times as I really enjoy documenting the building tension as the time to head to the ceremony draws near, the groom waiting expectantly for his bride to arrive at the ceremony is another highlight for me, as well as every other moment that you can think of.

One really special time for me is after the married couple emerge from the ceremony all newly married and full of joy - I am often the first to congratulate them which is a real honour for me, although plenty more congratulations and well wishes from friends and family are never far behind! It's such a happy time and makes for brilliant photographs is you are prepared to really get amongst everyone and tell the story from up close.

 Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer

This image stood out for me. I had shot lots of hugging and kissing from various angles in the few minutes leading up to this, and decided to try a different composition of the scene and went in search of a "double hug" (both bride and groom at one time!) I was really pleased with this shot for a number of reasons.

I love the symmetry of the frame, with bride and the female guest, their arms embracing high and low in a perfect line that dissecting the image diagonally, flanked by the men in their lives also entangled in embraces. The colour palette of my camera in the soft light also really harnesses the calm tones of the Classic Chrome film emulation on my Fuji XT2 cameras.

Most of all I love that this isn't just an "obvious" image; I had shot plenty of smiling faces in those few minutes, but this frame shows all of the joy and happiness involved whilst less than half of the bride's beaming smile is visible, it tells the story of love and affection from their friends and family in a far more compelling way than a more obvious composition could have done.

If you like the look of my relaxed and informal documentary approach to wedding photography and think that you may be interested in having me along to your special day just get in touch - I would love to hear some more about what you have planned.