Natural and Relaxed Wedding Photography

”Place (someone) in a particular position in order to be photographed, painted, or drawn.
— Oxford English Dictionary

Posing is a word that can strike fear in to the hearts of Brides and Grooms across the land. It is a word that makes me wince a little when I hear it too, as I suffer from a rare disorder that causes an unsightly facial expression to appear as soon as I am asked to look in to a camera and smile. I don't know why, but I just can not pose when someone wants to take a picture of me. I feel awkward, and therefore I inevitably look awkward in pretty much every posed image that I have of myself (which isn't many!)

 Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer

If you've seen the style of wedding photography that I shoot you will know that the vast majority of the day is spent working in a completely documentary fashion, taking pictures of you and your guests naturally going about the business of having a brilliant time at your wedding, so that we capture the real feel of your day.

 Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer

As strange as it may sound you and your new husband or wife may not see one another all that much after the ceremony - getting married is a bit like being a celebrity for one day, as everyone wants to chat to you (and take selfies) and it can all be a bit of a whirlwind. This is where I have a trick up my sleeve to make sure that we definitely get some beautiful natural images of you together, without making you feel awkward and definitely without getting all posey.

We call it a "walk and a talk". I always have an eye on the light and will have a location in mind to get some stunning images of you both together on your wedding day, and when the time is right i'll ask you to come with me for fifteen or twenty minutes so that we can get some pictures, with the added benefit of giving you both a break from the madness of the wedding and the chance to spend a bit of time together!

All of the images in this post were taken whilst walking and talking - the smiles and laughter are all real and I'm pretty sure no one looks or feels awkward, everyone is a winner!

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