Well that's how the saying goes, but I have to disagree! Your wedding day is one of the happiest occasions of your entire life, with all of your family and friends around to enjoy the celebrations, and if there's anyone that can be relied upon to make the most of the party atmosphere it's definitely the kids.

The little people among us will be sliding up and down the dance floor on their knees, dancing like no one is watching and generally doing all of the stuff the adults would love to do if they didn't have to act all grown up!

I've photographed a few weddings with furry four legged members of the family on the guest list too, which can also add something that I can't really explain, and can only clumsily describe as honesty. Animals just can not lie, there is no option of a cheesy grin to hide behind.

So if you're planning on booking a kennel for the pooch and thinking about having a no kids policy at your wedding in case they ruin the day, I hope that the pictures below might sway you in the opposite direction; they might just make the day.