You could quite understandably call me biased, but I genuinely think that wedding photography is the single most important thing that you have to factor in to your wedding day, and I am about to explain why.

The absolute first thing that people usually pick is the venue, the bride may have had her heart set on a particular country hotel for years, or there may be a whole lot of effort put in to turning the back garden in to a wedding paradise with the help of a marquee and (with a bit of luck) some great weather.

Similarly the dream dress may have been picked for years in anticipation of a proposal, or if the bride is anything like my lovely wife she will leave no stone unturned in her quest to find "the one".

Flowers; all looking beautiful

The Bridesmaids and their dresses; stunning

The food, the atmosphere, the entertainment, the party, your friends, your family, every single little moment comes together to create the most wonderful day of your whole lives.

When all of this is over and you wake up in the morning, the flowers may have wilted, the food will have all been eaten, the guests may be gone, and the dress will no doubt find it's way to a very special place in the wardrobe.

But . . . you will always have the memories of these things, and that is where the photography comes in. The right photographer will document all of these memories, and provide them to you in a tangible form that will last FOREVER.

The right photographer will also provide you with an insight in to your day, as there is often so many little interactions and moments that the bride and groom may not be aware of on the day, but a good photographer will make it their mission to collect each and every one of these things and bring them all together for you to create a timeless record that tells the story of your wedding day.

Pretty important right?