I love this image because of the way that all of the elements come together. This is a magician showing a card trick to a couple of young guests at a wedding in Lancashire. I spotted that this was going on in front of a nice big window whilst the rest of the room was quite dark, so I knew the lighting of the scene would be lovely.

I wanted to capture the reaction of the children so approached from just behind the magician, and so that no one noticed I was there, and waited for the exact second that the trick was revealed to capture the image. None of them have noticed me and are still in the moment rather than posing a picture; the older girl with an expression of suspicion and scepticism on her face, whilst the little lady in the middle of the frame is clearly amazed at what she has seen.

I love the way that the magician frames the image, and the way that your eye is drawn from the centre of the scene across all of the different reactions on their faces - you do not see the trick but you know that it is there.