I don't do a lot of 'posey' pictures but I do like to make sure that my couples have wedding photographs that have a bit of a 'wow factor'.

I mostly shoot in a documentary style, taking pictures of all of the little moments as they happen during the day and evening rather than setting up photographs.

One thing you might have noticed when attending weddings is that the bride and groom may not get the chance to spend all that much time together, as all of your friends and family want to chat and the day often flies by in a bit of a whirlwind!

For this reason I like to keep an eye out for an opportunity to whisk the bride and groom away for ten minutes or so to get a few portraits. One of the things that can really make a portrait dramatic is using off camera flash.

People often ask me "Is that photoshopped?" when they see these photos, but I can assure you that there is no trickery involved at all! The shot at the top of this blog was taken using exactly the same settings as this one below, just without using a small speedlight flash mounted on a stand and fired using a trigger on top of my camera;

It doesn't take long (and I won't make you say cheese) but I think that it gives you something a little bit different when you're looking back over your wedding album in years to come.