Drenagh House is a fantastic venue for a wedding, and how could it not be; a picturesque period pile set within acres of gorgeously rustic parkland, manicured gardens and of course - The Moon Garden.

If you have ever seen wedding photography at Drenagh House you will have seen the Moon Garden. Google is awash with images taken with the Bride and Groom posed inside the huge hole within the period stone wall, and rightly so as it is a beautiful location for a portrait of the Bride and Groom on their wedding day.

I'm not a massive fan of following the crowd, and most of the photographs that I take at weddings are candid, un-posed and completely natural, although I do take a couple of opportunities to go for a wander and a chat with the Bride and Groom for fifteen minutes to make some images as a couple.

So I when I was recently at Drenagh House for the first time with Matthew and Gemma I knew that they would more than likely want an image in the Moon Garden, and the groom said it best when I asked;

We paid alot of money for that hole!
— Matthew

The image above is very much "in the hole" but I had not seen it done this way before, and that is what I like! This was taken at around 10.30pm, in pitch darkness, with a couple of ushers shining the torches on their phones so I could focus my camera, a simple flash provides the light, which I think is nice and dramatic, something a little different to every other image I have seen, and most importantly took a grand total of six minutes before Matthew and Gemma Could head back to the party (Music by The Outlaws Ceilidh Band - Fantastic!)

The guys are currently honeymooning in South East Asia, and I can not wait to start editing the rest of this marvellous day, but wanted to share this one image and a little bit about my thinking!