This is an image of Roderick giving his speech as best man at the wonderful wedding of his brother William to the gorgeous Claire at The Old Inn. Now, I obviously hear more than my fair share of speeches - this one was a cracker and went down really well (as you can see), with plenty of laughs and even a few tears along the way.

They say that practice makes perfect, and I'm pretty sure Roderick had been practicing in front of a friendly audience at home to make sure he got it just right. The reason I'm so sure he'd been practicing is down to his daughter Caitlyn, who had a front row seat right in front of the top table to listen to her Daddy give his speech. She didn't tell me in the traditional sense though, the clue is in her left hand in the image below.

This is exactly the kind of moment that weddings are all about to me; biting her lip with her fingers crossed, you can literally feel how much Caitlyn wants her Daddy's speech to be brilliant.

But the best thing about this image is that only Caitlyn and I were even aware that this little moment even happened, that is of course until I spotted it and released the shutter on my camera, and now it's a memory that that can be treasured forever.

This is exactly what we think wedding photography should be about.