When I shoot an image I usually know whether i want it to be in colour, or if it will end up being in black and white. This has a lot to do with the lighting, and the contrast within the image but in some instances it may be because I don't want the colour to distract the viewer from what is taking place in the scene and the reason why I took the picture in the first place!

I shot this picture because of the expression on the little girl's face; she's looking up at the bride and you can just imagine her thinking "When I grow up . . . ", and if you cast your eyes around the scene almost everyone is looking at what is happening and reacting to it and smiling away to themselves, what a lovely moment!

This is the exact same shot but in colour. It's still a nice picture, although I bet that you just thought "Green Carpet" or "Purple Chair" when you first looked at it! The colour in this picture detracts from the moment, and that Is why i 100% knew that this was a black and white shot as soon as I hit the shutter release on my camera.

I sometimes get asked why i'm such a fan of black and white photography, and this is one of the many reasons why I love it so much. Don't get me wrong I'm also a massive fan of lovely vivid rich colour images as you will see in our gallery, but some shots are just made for black and white, and I hope you'll agree that this is one of them.