Award winning photographers seem to grow on trees these days, with plenty of “industry awards” based on the number of votes submitted by anyone who can spare two minutes of their time, and it was mainly because of this that I have never felt the need to enter any sort of competition before. The strap line “award winning” can mean anything based on the awards to which it relates, and in all reality, photography is such a deeply subjective thing anyway.

The Wedding Photojournalists Association is the one organisation that I have always liked the look of. Based in the USA the WPJA accept members who shoot weddings in a photo-journalistic style from across the world, with the stipulation that all images submitted to competitions must be un-posed and completely natural, which is exactly the way that I like it! The competition is judged by leading photojournalists, including in some cases Pulitzer prize winners, and only those agreed upon by at least two of the four judges are awarded.

So, I thought I’d give it a go, and after my membership was accepted I submitted a handful of images from just one wedding (Conor and Marianne – you can see it here!)

I didn’t expect to achieve much, so was bowled over when I saw that not one but FOUR of my images were awarded a rosette in my first ever submission!

Here are the pictures in question, all real moments with no interference from me, exactly as they happened in all of their real-life glory;

You can check out the rest of the awarded images from WPJA members across the world here.