A Little bit about One Fine Day

Hopefully you've had a look around all of the pages on our site by now, and have come here to find out a bit more. My name's Rich I'm very happily married to the amazingly lovely Averil, and we're lucky to be able to call the awesome city of Belfast home. Av is the brains of the operation and manages a lot of the day to day running of things so I can concentrate on the photography! 

I'm a real people person and love nothing more than a good chat. I'm a massive fan of film and cinema and get quite a bit of inspiration from the work of directors like Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino. I spend far too much money on trainers, and In my spare time I can often be found wandering the streets people watching (with a camera - obviously!)

I've been taking pictures of just about anything and everything for as long as I can remember, using everything from my first Kodak star 110 (winding on the film, remember that!?) to the latest Digital SLR cameras and now Mirrorless technology . . . I don't go anywhere without a camera (I currently own Six!)

I get a genuine thrill out of observing a seemingly normal scene and composing an interesting image, and most of all I love capturing interaction between people, to show the subjects character in completely un-posed and candid images which I really hope comes across in the work that I produce! There's nothing quite like seeing the smile on someone's face when you show them a lovely picture of a moment on their wedding day that they didn't even know had happened.

Weddings are such an amazing occasion, because your big day has it all; emotion, fun, elegance, pride, family, relationships, joy, excitement and above all happiness - and this is exactly what I strive to capture in the pictures that I will take for you.


my Approach to wedding Photography

My approach to photography is really simple; to tell the story of your day using pictures, from the perspective of a guest. I do this by blending in amongst your guests with my cameras to catch all of the little moments naturally and as they happen, no saying cheese or bossing people around.

I'm not a traditional wedding photographer; I put a lot of effort in to capturing the overall "feel" of the day and love to do things a little bit differently. I don't do awkward posing, tricks or gimmicks which means that you get to enjoy the day that you have taken so long to plan and organise rather than being whisked away from the action on a "photo shoot" for hours at a time.

You also end up with pictures that really mean something to you personally, rather than a set of posed images that only really detail what you and your new husband or wife were wearing on the day and your best cheesy grins! It's the hand on the shoulder, the genuinely beaming smile, the knowing glance and the occasional welling tear that I spend the day looking for, because this is the stuff that really matters (well, at least I think so!)

This doesn't mean that I won't take group photographs and some nice and relaxed portraits of you as a couple, just that I like to make this only a small part of what I do on the day as I don't want to drag you away from the action for too long, it is most definitely your wedding day and not my photo shoot!

I hope that you can see that the images that I produce are relaxed, real and timeless; and that they will take you straight back to your wedding day when you look at your pictures over the years to come. Wedding photography is a really personal thing, and in my ever so slightly biased opinion one of the most important decisions that you will make when planning your day. My aim is to present you with a series of beautiful pictures that document everything the way that it happened on one of the most important and memorable occasions of your lives.

If you think that what I offer might be for you, or want to know some more then please get in touch with me using the form on the contact page, I would love to hear from you and have a chat about your plans for your wedding!